STASS & CO, April 7th 2020

Q&A: How Daily Dry Brushing Will Change Your Life

With a little more time on our hands we look to simple, at-home rituals for guidance, routine and reward. Our favourite way to start the day? Daily dry body brushing with Stass and Co. We chat with Founder Bec Jakstas on slowing the pace, boosting immunity and paving the way.

Q: How are you feeling with what’s currently happening?

A: My heart tells me this is our opportunity to slow down, heal and connect again, ultimately allowing our planet the chance to heal, also. I also believe this is a potent time to immerse ourselves into home practice, creating ritual in the home, strengthening the nervous system and finding clam in our heart. Daily ritual turns up the light, creating a beautiful ripple effect for the people around you.

Q: What are you doing daily for yourself. 

A: I have a very dedicated morning Sadhana practice. This enables me to tune into my own natural rhythm and comes from a deep desire for an enjoyable experience on Earth. I love to feel light in my heart and in my body. Such daily practices continue to clear, heal and strengthen my nervous system, allowing the space to tap into what my soul needs to shift (whatever is currently happening in body and mind).

Deep breath-work, yoga, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Kundalini, dry-body brushing, self-massage, and oceans walks are my jam.

Q: Tell us about your beautiful brushes and how they can support us, and our bodies?

A: Dry body brushing is one way to heal and nourish your body daily. Carving out (even just) a few minutes helps to ground you, bringing connection back to your body. Such calming practices help feelings of loneliness, worry or when we're just generally overwhelmed by life. Right now, these moments are accessible to everyone.

Further to this, dry brushing rejuvenates, invigorates and supports the skin’s important functions. One-third of the body’s toxins are excreted through the skin, with dry body brushing helping to unclog pores, excrete toxins and assist with eliminating waste. This is why dry body brushing is invaluable, brushing off dead skin cells and encouraging toxin removal through lymphatic drainage. A particularly valuable practice in times where immunity is critical.

Q: What is something you look forward to doing once this passes? 

A: Hugging my friends. My hope is that we as a collective can continue to tread softly on Earth. To remember to slow down, treat ourselves, our loved ones and our planet with the love and respect it so deserves. 




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